Interview at the web-site "KORABEL.RU"

Journalists of reputable web-based medium have interviewed the Project Manager ...

Report at the 9th conference e-Navigation Underway

Report about "Hermitage" testbed was made at the main international .......on the 7th of February 

Interaction with BALT SAFE STM

Interaction with the largest European testbed STM has been started

Test imaging of river area from UAV

Test imaging of Belaya river water area was carried out in autumn of 2018

Development of automated hydrographic trawling complex

Preparation for pilot operation of the Automated hydrographic trawling complex ...

About testbed

The “Hermitage” which is the first e-Navigation testbed in Russia has been created in the context of "e-Sea" R&D implemented by Kronstadt Group by order of the Ministry of Transport of Russia within the framework of the Federal target program "GLONASS". Learn more about development of e-Navigation in Russia and over the world, as well as about tasks for the companies involved in the given project, basic activities and prospects for further development. 

Segments of the testbed 

The “Hermitage” has a number of special features which set it apart from other e-Navigation testbeds in the world. It is one of few testbeds which include a river segment in addition to the maritime segment. Besides, a number of researches are carried out as part of its development, and they are unique not only in Russia, but in the whole world. More details about boundaries of the testbed ... 


Organisations involved 

Creation of such testbed is not an easy task in terms of engineering and management, and it would not have positive results without well-considered interaction of industry-based government institutions and engineering companies. More details about customers, funding, and key implementing parties are presented below. 



Technologies and tasks 

The e-Navigation technology exists for a little more than 10 years, but it has rightly become a key strategy for navigation safety in the world. Provisions of some key documents of the International Maritime Organization (IMO) and International Association of Lighthouse Authorities (IALA) became a basis for Technical assignment for implementation of "e-Sea" R&D. 

Testbed Useful links

The test bed website is a traditional information resource for skippers, shipowners and ship traffic operators in the region. All useful links to web-sites of the test bed key authorities are presented in the given section: Rosmorport, Basin administration "Volgo-Balt", port authorities, information resources (RIS, Port Captain services, Portcall, Collection and on-line transmission system for ENCs). 

e-Nav library 

Developers of the test bed and its web-site carried out much work on searching, systematization, and translation into Russian of basic documents concerning implementation of the e-Navigation technology. Besides, a number of articles were published, reports were made at the conferences, etc. in order to inform professional community and to publicize this technology.

Welcome to the E-Navigation “Hermitage” test bed web-site

You are at the web-site of the first E-navigation testbed in Russia which is designed to implement this modern technology ensuring navigation safety.

Since the test bed is located around the Saint-Petersburg, it was named as a “Hermitage”, one of the most famous museums in the world.

This name joins sailors and river-men, and also it is a reference point for its location in Russia and in the world.

The test bed has been created and operates in the context of the "E-Maritime" R&D implemented by Kronstadt Group by order of the Ministry of Transport of Russia 

within the framework of the Federal target program "GLONASS”.

The test bed includes the sea segment incorporating the eastern part of the Gulf of Finland, as well as river segment:  the river Neva, Lake Ladoga and part of the River Svir.

The test bed is arranged in the areas of responsibility of the North-Western Basin Branch FSUE “Rosmorport” and Basin administration "Volgo-Balt".

More detailed information about all aspects of the test bed operation is presented in respective sections of the given web-site.

Boundaries of testbed on the map

Location of testbed: The Eastern part of the Gulf of Finland – the Neva River – Lake Ladoga – the Svir River