About “Hermitage” e-Navigation testbed 

 In September of 2016, we started creating the first e-Navigation testbed in Russia within the framework of the e-Sea R&D first stage. 

Customer: Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation.

It is carried out within the framework of the Federal target program "GLONASS".

Name of research and development project: e-Sea R&D.

General contractor of R&D: "Kronshtadt Group" (Kronshtadt JSC, Kronshtadt Technologies, JSC).

Implementation period for R&D: 2016-2020.

Name of testbed: Hermitage (in honor of the famous museum in Saint Petersburg, see photo on the right).

It includes sea and river segments, more details ...

The river segment incorporates three areas: river, lake and a sluiced site.

Description of the testbed is presented on the IALA web-site http://www.iala-aism.org/technical/e-nav-testbeds/hermitage/ 


 Creation of the first e-Navigation test-bed in Russia

Russia is a key player in global movement to improve safety of navigation, reduce costs of cargoes transportation and negative impact on the environment.

That is why in 2010, the e-Sea R&D was included into plans of the Federal target program "GLONASS", and in 2016, its practical implementation began.

Creation of the first Russian e-Navigation testbed was started in the areas of responsibility of the North-Western Basin Branch FSUE “Rosmorport” within the framework of the R&D by order of the RF Ministry of Transport and supported by the Federal Agency for Maritime and River Transport of Russia.

A little later it was named as a “Hermitage”, as cultural background of Saint Petersburg well-known over the world joined both maritime and river transport workers.

Creation and development of the testbed have not completed yet, and it will go on until 2020. Moreover, the given testbed will remain one of the main testbeds in Russia to validate new technologies in the field of navigation safety at sea and inland waterways. 

In the course of the R&D implementation the developers constantly introduce and test new equipment and new functions of already deployed equipment. They train crews, pilots, and VTS operators (dispatchers). Example of skippers training in the “Rosmorport” is shown on the next photo.

Offsite meetings of the RF Ministry of Transport Research and Development Board are held annually by representatives of Customer (RF Ministry of Transport and Federal Agency for Maritime and River Transport of Russia). Progress of R&D is checked, any arising tasks are discussed, and a support is provided to solve problems.

Representatives of Kronshtadt Group, General contractor of e-Sea R&D have always been engaged in all relevant activities of the International Association of Lighthouse Authorities (IALA) related to implementation of e-Navigation technology. 

A Report was made on February, 2019 during the 9-th International Conference "THE E-NAVIGATION UNDERWAY INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE" in Copenhagen under the umbrella of IALA – see photo below.

Signing of Declaration of Intentions with the world's largest European e-Navigation testbed STM (SeaTrafficManagement) became an important step in the international cooperation.

First actions on joint work of testbeds “Hermitage” and STM have been taken. Since 2019, such joint work has been carried out under the international program BALT SAFE - InterregBalticSeaRegion. More details about cooperation with BALT SAFE STM ...

All this enables for project developers to be aware of events, exchange information with leading agencies in the world, inform world community about results of the Russian testbed operation etc.