News / Test imaging of river area from UAV

Test imaging of Belaya river water area (Bashkiria) was carried out from unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) in autumn of 2018 by efforts of "Kronshtadt group".

The obtained materials were examined, and technical requirements for imaging of Svir river planned for 2019 in the framework e-Navigation testbed were improved in the course of autumn and winter period by specialists of cartographic service of the Administration "Volgo-Balt" FBI.

Operational results of river waters and coastal area monitoring will help to solve a number of important tasks of FBI in future:

  • monitoring of ice conditions (in spring and autumn),
  • Operational monitoring of the emergency situations results in water,
  • monitoring of nonauthorized business activities in the coastal area which is under control of FBI
  • etc.

Съемка акватории реки с БПЛА


Специалисты Группы Кронштадт при подготовке съемки с БПЛА

Several photo of "Kronshtadt group" specialists during works.