Project parties for creation of “Hermitage” е-Navigation testbed.

The first e-Navigation testbed in Russia has been created within the framework of state contract for implementation of Research and development work (R&D) "е-Sea".

(R&D) "е-Sea" is to be implemented in the context of the Federal target program "GLONASS" (2011-2020).

Customer of the R&D is the Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation (RF).

General contractor is “Kronshtadt group”: Kronshtadt JSC, Kronshtadt Technologies, JSC (member of IALA).

Technical project supervisor is a Federal Agency for Marine and River Transport ("Rosmorrechflot").

The testbed is arranged in the areas of responsibility of the North-Western Basin Branch FSUE “Rosmorport” and Basin Administration “Volgo-Balt”.

List of the R&D co-contractors, commercial companies is presented below. 


 Federal target program

Customer of the R&D

 General contractor R&D



 Ministry of Transport RF

 “Kronshtadt Group”


 Project parties



FSUE “Rosmorport”

 Basin Administration “Volgo-Balt”


Co-contractors of e-Sea R&D 


 "Transas Group"

 FSUE “Morsviazsputnik”

 "MORIS" Ltd

 «Fort-XXI» Ltd

 "Nonius Group"


Associate Partners 




 Sea Traffic Management (STM)
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